Things To Consider If You Are Running A Budget Hotel

Most of the people are trying to start businesses and make an extra living. Most popular business in the hospitality architects Melbourne these days are running a budget hotel. If you have a sufficiently big enough house or a building, you can set up a budget hotel. Main perks of running budget hotel are that you don’t need to provide customers with complimentary tea, coffee in the room, some budget hotels doesn’t even have breakfast. So all you need to worry about is the cleanliness of the hotel and the maintenance. If you are running a budget hotel these small things should be considered to make sure you can make profit while keeping the customers happy.

Cleanliness and looks

When it comes to budget hotels, what most people fear is cleanliness? If you are running a budget hotel make sure the sheets and pillows are properly bleached and dry cleaned and the towels are cleaned thoroughly. If there is a possibility get a certification for cleanliness or similar one to make sure the customers will return. Next thing is the looks of the hotel, most budget hotels are small spaced and when customers carry their luggage and when hotel stuff carry other furniture or anything the walls may get damaged, and this may ruin the look of the hotel interior. Make sure you use some door and wall protection to prevent the walls getting damaged. Make sure the carpets and the floor and kept clean and the staff is well trained to do the cleaning.

Food and beverages

Apart from the cleanliness, if you are planning to give food and beverages to the customers, make sure they are properly cooked and any expired items in the vending machines or the mini fridges are thrown away. If you are providing breakfast make sure they are clean and the food is prepared by an experienced chef. Just because it is a budget hotel it doesn’t mean you can provide your customers with any bad thing you wish.

Building maintenance

People are all attracted to the looks of a place. Even with a budget hotel people still look for some kind of a good look. If your hotel walls are worn out and broken from hear and there and the carpets or the floor is not clean, it doesn’t matter if the rooms are clean. The first impression is when they walk in to the reception so makes sure this area is kept clean and managed properly. Use door and wall protection to prevent any breakage of walls and damage to them from door knobs.

Budget hotels are becoming more and more popular among both pack packers and middle class level travelers. If you can understand the basic needs of them and provide them a unique design at a high luxurious level the profits can be huge in this business.

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