How To Win At Date Night

Every week, your SO and you have a mandatory date night. Hold up now, this isn’t a chore but a carefully mapped out decision given that the both of you are super busy and at the brink of your careers and having a mandatory rule such as this, actually helps sustain your long and healthy relationship.

However, this might not be you either. You might not have a SO just yet but are quite convinced of the prospective candidate who you seem to want to meet more frequently throughout the week. So if either of these situations seem applicable to you or you just want to take your honey out on a special day to celebrate your love, it has to be best italian food HK. 

Not only is Italy like France, a country of love, it’s also a country that celebrate culinary experiences and even more so, the love for culinary experimentation! This is exactly why if there is a recommended best Italian restaurant in town that you should grab hold of your SO, friend or family and head there to celebrate absolutely anything, be it love, family, friendship or even just delicious slices of thin crust margarita pizza. 

Having Italian food is also a great excuse to pop open that bottle of wine that you’ve been ageing for as long as you can remember or that Argentinean special you received as a wedding present! Complete with the white and red gingham tablecloth, margarita pizza, some ravioli as a main course and tiramisu to top the day are all perfect reasons that accompany that bottle of wine! 

If it’s a date night you’ve been planning for a while though, make sure to speak to the kitchen earlier and themanagement to see what specials they can whiz up for you. Be it her favourite risotto or even the positioning of your table to ensure that the two of you have just the right amount of privacy to spend a pleasant evening together! 

To complete date night though, if you want to keep it a surprise, be sure to let her know in advance the dress code or type of location you both will be going to just so she has an idea of both what to expect and what to wear! To add a bit more to the romance, be sure to have some flowers and a little note of love or gratitude to celebrate your union and chances are that you will be having Italian food sooner than you think!

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