Great Asian Food Cities

Asia as a continent is known for many things, from the great and historic architecture such as The Great Wall of China to their advanced technology which the world over tries to copy and replicate. However, aside from these things what should spring to mind most is the excellent cuisine which most countries throughout the region boasts. There is a huge variety and range of foods mixed with historic and archaic cooking methods that make the Asian cuisine almost uncopiable if you are not part of the inner circle whom have grown up with the methods and know nothing else. As a result there are numerous cities across the biggest continent on the planet which are just superb for food, food that you would be remiss to try if you ever had the huge honour. 

Here are some of the great Asian food cities, see this excellent restaurant in Hong Kong. Although you may be more familiar with Indian food or Chinese food, you will never forget Thai food once you have visited Bangkok and sampled all the delicacies that the city has to offer. Bangkok may be better known for its extra-curricular activities and what goes on once night has fallen but all that really overshadows what is a fascinating city rich in culture and beauty. A massive part of the cities culture and appeal is the food which can be sampled on seemingly every corner through street vendors out of street cars or restaurants alike. See this post if you are looking for best Indian food. 

Bangkok has a great mixture of traditional Thai dishes mixed with basic, conventional Thai food as well as a new, original take on the cuisine, from Pad Thai to meat on a stick to a spaghetti green or red curry – basically it has every base you need covering as well a plethora of McDonalds if you are getting homesick. Visit this great site for more awesome Asian food. Tokyo is another city which is high on the list of most people’s bucket list but not for completely different reasons. Tokyo is advanced as well as exotic so everyone wants to sample the juxtaposition of a city which is mixing past generations of culture with modern and contemporary advancements, but this is also one of the main reasons why you should check out Japanese food in Tokyo. The contrast of archaic cooking and preparation methods with a modern twist is everything which you need in your food and which you cannot find pretty much anywhere else in the world, and it is definitely not to be missed if you are a fish lover. Penang isn’t particularly well known above the likes of Bangkok and Tokyo but when it comes to food it cannot be beaten. It is filled with pretty much every street vendor and basic restaurants Melbourne West you could come across but do not let the looks deceive you. Not to be missed.