Friday Night Meal Suggestions

Friday night is special in many ways. After a long week’s hard work, this is the night you get to relax, even go out if you would like. If you don’t, you can still go to bed with the sound knowledge that you can stay in bed for a good portion of the next day and there are no obligations for you to get up and fulfil.With that in mind, let’s take a look at some easy meals at restaurants at Marion you can do in order to enjoy your Friday night to the max.

Going Out

Most people prefer going out with their friends and co-workers to celebrate the end of another arduous week. Most people also follow the ‘happy trail,’ usually going bar hopping. You will need to get some food into you before you get tipsy so that you can drink long and hard into the night without too many side effects. Start with places like American restaurants in  Melbourne– most have alcohol along with their gluten-full food. You can start your evening with a beer or glass of wine and then graduate to shots afterwards. These places usually have quick eats that you can have within 30 minutes: submarines, club sandwiches, pies, grilled fish or meat with a few veggies. Nothing too complicated.

Ordering In

If you would prefer to eat at home and then hit the streets, you could order something in that is easy to eat and quick to deliver. The perfect example is fast food. Most burger restaurants have delivery and the food is ready made so it can be at your door in 20 minutes or less. You can also order Chinese cuisine, which is not exactly fast, but it is very filling so you can go out and have your tequila without worrying too much about the hangover the next day. Pizza is also a great idea; there are million topping combinations you can order and one large pizza serves two (average human beings) so it’s economical as well.

Cook Out

If you’re the type who likes to cook, roll up your sleeves and get to work on Friday! One of the easiest things to cook is pasta. Choose what you want to make: spaghetti, macaroni or something else. Then look up an easy sauce online. The most basic ones usually involve olive oil and garlic or tomatoes. Put the pasta to boil and then make the sauce. Other easy things to make are soups, grilled veggies, meat and fish, or curry. Basically, anything that has the least prep time is your friend here.