For All The Food Lovers With Love And Hugs

I am so passionate about good food. For me food is all about everything. Even when I am sad, happy, overwhelmed, worried, in each and every situations I never forget to celebrate each with a good dish of food. This works perfectly when you are worried and sad. Sometimes, I get angry like nothing. But you really cannot tell that person about his or her mistake, you feel really stressful and uncontrollable. Then I prepare something sweet. This swings my mood just like the wind.

Though we really don’t know, food has an amazing power. Power to heal, power to give you comfort, power to make you strong and power to boost you up. Therefore, never compare the power of a good meal with anything else. That is why I told you I am so passionate about good food.

Food is a great medium to convey your messages just like your love, care, happiness, anger and so much more.

As I said for me food is everything, there is also a part that I want to reveal you too. From birth, I have a great resistant over gluten. Even I do get breathing difficulties when things come really serious. Now you must be wondering then how I became such a food fan and talk all about these foods and so on, because most of the foods that we take are prepared with the help of gluten, right? Yeah.

But do you also know that you simply can do wonders without gluten too. For all the food lovers who are so passionate about food, but still they are suffering from gluten and its side effects I do have a gluten free blog Australia on internet, where they can find almost every recipe to tantalize their taste buds, but without gluten.

We do have allergies within us. Some do have for certain proteins, some for carbohydrates and starch, some for fat and oils and etc. but the love you have for food cannot be tamed away from these mind stressing allergies. Remember, you have all the right freedom to enjoy the dishes you like. It is about how creative you are. You have to take things in to your side and play along with them.

My gluten free waffle recipe is a great example for that. Waffles are simply loved by every kid to adult. But having an allergy for gluten does not mean that you cannot have waffles anymore. That is so wrong. Visit this link for more details on gluten free waffle recipe.

Food allergies are always letting you down and cutting down your taste buds and flavors. It remains you only limitations but never restrict yourself, remember you have smart options around you.