Factors To Consider When Buying An Espresso Machine


When one thinks about commercial coffee machines, the espresso machine is as good as it gets. Espresso is an Italian specialty coffee drink. Many people cannot start the day without a refreshing drink of the best coffee they can get their hands on. The thing about coffee is that it is never simply about the drink. People like to enjoy good quality coffee whenever they can. At the workplace, coffee has been proven to keep people alert, reduce stress and improve their short term memory. It also increases their morale which leads to greater workplace productivity. When people visit the best seafood restaurant in Sydney, they want the real deal, knowing there will be baristas working in the background to please their taste buds. The popularity of coffee can only be shown by the number of coffee shops in streets along most towns.

Whether restaurant or office coffee machines, three factors should always be kept in mind when choosing the espresso machine; capacity, performance and operation. For quality coffee, one must use the highest quality blend. To produce the best espresso, the coffee must only be lightly roasted. This way, the aromas are not lost and the coffee does not taste bitter. The espresso machine uses spring or aerated water. Most machines have inbuilt filters to clean the water and leave it tasting fresher. The espresso machine has a boiler and a dispenser. They boil water to about 90 degrees and shoot it out through the dispenser at about a 9 bar pressure onto the coffee after being roasted. The heat and pressure extracts the oils and aromas and produces a rich, thick mixture.

Slush machine hire or coffee machine purchase, the most important thing when buying any drinks machine is the capacity. In espresso terms, the concern is normally how many cups the machine can produce. This will depend on where the machine is to be used. Is it being used to serve an office of ten people or a large, busy restaurant?

But the issue of capacity cannot be mentioned independently without alluding to performance. The performance of the machine also relies greatly on the setting where the machine is to be used. For instance, the performance requirements for a machine that will serve ten people in an office evenly throughout the day is different from the machine hired to serve guests after a prize giving ceremony at school. The capacity for both might be 200 cups, but one will need to produce these cups in the space of an hour while for another there will be no pressure.

In restaurants, the espresso machines used have multiple boilers and dispensers in order to reduce the recovery time. The recovery time is the time it takes to boil the ingredients to the appropriate temperature, and accumulate enough pressure to produce high quality coffee. A busy restaurant will have up to three baristas working on the same machine to constantly produce coffee.

When buying or hiring an espresso machine, consider the capacity and performance first, and then look for the machine with those characteristics that fits the budget.