All About Restaurant Designing

Excellent customer service and good food will definitely get your restaurant somewhere, but if you want to really attract more customers to your place, a good interior design is a major requirement. Although you shouldn’t be spending most of your budget on decorations and external appeal, getting a little creative with your restaurant design can go a long way in making your restaurant grow and thrive for the next couple of years.

If you are having trouble coming up with a nice design idea for restaurant tables that is soon going to be opened, or if you have settled that you need to give a new lease of life for your old diner with a major design, consider following at least a few of the following design tips to get started:

Plan the Perfect Layout – Before you even head to the designing itself, make up a plan with your intended restaurant layout. This should include everything from the placement of tables, dividers and decorations to how you are going to handle the circulation of both guest and restaurant staff. Your plan should also include your intended design, no matter whether it is luxurious and high-class or a more traditional pattern.

Arrange Seating Areas – Satisfying your customers is always your top priority, so make sure to have enough seating spaces available to accommodate a large number of guests at once. The correct placement of the chairs and tables is just as important as their number, so make sure to arrange them in such a way that customers won’t get in the way of cooks and waiters and vice versa. A table design can be selected after a short trip to a commercial furniture centre. Visit 

Decorate to an Extent – Decoration can be of various types. You can add a few low maintenance plants both inside and outside to make the atmosphere feel a bit more natural, or you can choose to hang a few art pieces of displays of some local artist for your guest to enjoy. If you are willing to be a bit bold, consider playing a little with the lighting to completely change the outlook of your restaurant at night. Having some outdoor café furniture might be a good idea if you live in a place that is relatively warm throughout the year, so that some of your customers can enjoy their dinner outside if they wish to do so.

Hire an Interior Designer – If you are really having major trouble, consider spending some money for the services of a professional interior designer. Most of the time, they are quite flexible and easy to work with, which means that they can assist you to adapt your own ideas into a successful design concept for your restaurant.

Starting A Review Blog

There are many benefits to starting a blog of your own. If you love to write, then it would basically be a way of relaxing because writing can be a great hobby but at the same time, having a successful blog can also be a great way to earn money. You may not realize it but enabling google ads on your blog means that google will pay you money for every click that the ad gets and sometimes just for being open to having the ads on your blog. While at the beginning it may not be a lot of money, you can increase the amount of money that you earn by writing articles that people are interested in so that you attract more readers and subscribers. To learn more about food blogging please visit: A food review blogOne of the things that people are most interested in is food and they love to read about different kinds of food and the best restaurants out there. In some cases, they may not even be able to afford to eat at the restaurants mentioned but they enjoy reading about the food and seeing pictures of the food that is served at these restaurants. You can start by making a list of the best bars, cafes and restaurant in your area and calling them up with your plan to write reviews about the food that they serve. Some restaurants and cafes might be willing to give you a free meal on the house in exchange for the review and some of them may be willing to give you a significant discount for writing a review about them.

This is another benefit to having a food blog. You will have access to great food for free and at affordable prices. It is important for you to write your review in a way that would appeal to your readers. As an example, make sure that you taste and write about the plant based meals, the gluten free meals and other limited diet meals available at the restaurant so that you can target that market with your keywords. You will find that if you write a good review, those young people will be happy to share your blog posts with their own friends and other people who share similar diets which will increase the number of people who will view your blog and this will result in more money for you. You do not have to limit your blog to food, you can review the best coffee in Melbourne. You can review things to do in the area, places to go and other interesting events happening in the area as well.

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Few Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Trip

Travel is full of drawbacks. One wrong turn and your holiday could take an evil turn by a sleazy hotel room, a super expensive restaurant, a wasted evening at a tourist-trap site or a long flight squeezed in the middle seat. These are few things you should know to make the right moves and to make your getaway a smooth one.

Plan it outTravel is quite often considered to be the ultimate adventure that makes you a different person. Lot of people misunderstand this as to making spontaneous plans and just trying to see where the roads take you. This is perfectly fine if you have a tick budget and bold. But if you worry about missing flights, finding decent accommodation and tight on spending, plan things out. Read blogs and plan exactly what you need to do. Have a rough idea about the cost. Book your hotel in advance. Book your Howard Park riesling tasting tour before you land there. There’s no guilt in being prepared.

Less clothes and more moneyWhether is the tropical beaches in Bali or a road trip in the US, before packing check the local climate. Be prepared for any unexpected rain and any cultural restrictions. Avoid packing fancy outfits you might not wear at all. Stick to few jeans and t-shirts or couple of dresses. Carry an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on luggage. Exchange enough money to keep you going during your stay. Don’t always depend on ATMs. To be on the safer side carry more than one form of currency; money and credit cards. Stash some cash in different places to cover you up in case of an emergency.

Keep your documents safeStore your passport and travel insurance in a safe place. Ideally back in your hotel room. It is safe to have hard and digital copies of these documents with you before you travel.

Go localTake the paths less travelled. It is nice to sip a beer at a touristy pub. But is more exciting to get into a conversation with the locals. Learn a thing or two from the locals you meet. Try your hand at Balinese cooking. Sip a glass of red wine when in Australia. Don’t skip street food when you travel. Ask locals for recommendations. Try a bit of everything. After all, street venders in Bangkok makes amazing Pad Thai than your take out Thai outlet. If you are interested about Mad Fish wines you can visit this website

Take timeTry not to cover 6 different countries in 4 weeks. Best things happen when you take time to look out and explore. The country you visiting could be merely an island, but don’t underestimate what it got in store for you.

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Friday Night Meal Suggestions

Friday night is special in many ways. After a long week’s hard work, this is the night you get to relax, even go out if you would like. If you don’t, you can still go to bed with the sound knowledge that you can stay in bed for a good portion of the next day and there are no obligations for you to get up and fulfil.With that in mind, let’s take a look at some easy meals at restaurants at Marion you can do in order to enjoy your Friday night to the max.

Going Out

Most people prefer going out with their friends and co-workers to celebrate the end of another arduous week. Most people also follow the ‘happy trail,’ usually going bar hopping. You will need to get some food into you before you get tipsy so that you can drink long and hard into the night without too many side effects. Start with places like American restaurants in  Melbourne– most have alcohol along with their gluten-full food. You can start your evening with a beer or glass of wine and then graduate to shots afterwards. These places usually have quick eats that you can have within 30 minutes: submarines, club sandwiches, pies, grilled fish or meat with a few veggies. Nothing too complicated.

Ordering In

If you would prefer to eat at home and then hit the streets, you could order something in that is easy to eat and quick to deliver. The perfect example is fast food. Most burger restaurants have delivery and the food is ready made so it can be at your door in 20 minutes or less. You can also order Chinese cuisine, which is not exactly fast, but it is very filling so you can go out and have your tequila without worrying too much about the hangover the next day. Pizza is also a great idea; there are million topping combinations you can order and one large pizza serves two (average human beings) so it’s economical as well.

Cook Out

If you’re the type who likes to cook, roll up your sleeves and get to work on Friday! One of the easiest things to cook is pasta. Choose what you want to make: spaghetti, macaroni or something else. Then look up an easy sauce online. The most basic ones usually involve olive oil and garlic or tomatoes. Put the pasta to boil and then make the sauce. Other easy things to make are soups, grilled veggies, meat and fish, or curry. Basically, anything that has the least prep time is your friend here.

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