The History And Art Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and it has been so for a really long time, but when did it actually begin? History suggests that the first use of coffee dates back all the way to the tenth century. The first use of it is thought to be in Ethiopia and is the main reason Ethiopia is generally called the home of coffee. Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi was the one who first noticed the effects of the plant. He observed that his goats were more active and even refused to sleep when they ate berries from a particular tree in the grazing vicinity. The goat herder then told of his observations to the local abbot. The local abbot is said to have made a drink using the beans, the world first coffee and the drink had then helped him stay active during the long night prayers.
Excited by the astounding discovery, he then passed on the news to multiple monks around the area, and so the tale and taste of coffee started its long trip around the world.
This spread around to the Middle East. Yemen was growing a constant stream of coffee during the fifteenth century and in the following century it became extremely popular in Egypt, Turkey and the rest of Africa and two centuries later, it made its way to Europe. From here onwards it steadily moved into the Netherlands, to America and then the French introduced it to Brazil and now it stands as a billion dollar industry. With such a high value placed on the industry, it was only time till people started perfecting the brewing techniques to enhance the taste and aroma of the coffee beans. Machines like hand grinders and chemex classic coffee maker and accessories were invented in the 90’s just for this purpose. Visit this link if you are looking for best hand grinders.
There are carafes invented just for brewing coffee in coffee shops and so on, but with a more informed public nowadays you find carafes and professional items at homes too. For anyone interested in trying out now styles or simply want to perfect their own cup of tea, it is recommended they buy Hario v60 range servers for better tasting coffee.
Made of tough glass, they are expertly infused with heat proof glass and plastic for better heat retention so that your coffee is warmer for longer. The glass design also means that it is much easier to clean. For many people working in the coffee industry, making a cup of coffee is not just a job, but an art form into which they give attention to every single and intricate detail like the temperature and how well ground and fresh the coffee beans are.

Keeping Some Money In The Wallet While Travelling

Travelling and enjoying yourself always means that your wallet gets thinner every time, and this is especially so when you are going abroad. But it is also something vital to making sure that you are getting a new kind of perspective by seeing something different and unusual. For a constant traveler, the trade of saving money is something that you learn along the way. Bt when you are an occasional traveler you are bound to use up money extravagantly and usually by mistake when you have a cheaper alternative available at the same place. So here some of the best Sunday Brunch in Bangkok from some travelers who have been there and learnt the lessons.

Make the best of accommodation on cheap

AirBnBs are successful and famous for a reason; they are cheap and also comfortable and you will be paying money to sleep in a comfy and safe bed. When it comes to different countries you get the different sites that offer bargain and cheap accommodation places without much hassle. If you are planning your travelling months ahead then you have the chance of grabbing lower prices and also the best seats/ rooms as well.

Go for at least one luxury meal

Places like rooftop restaurant Bangkok tend to have amazing views and also amazing food. When you are going from one country to another, try out the street food and also the luxury eateries within the area. You cannot always live on budget. Try to get a local friend to help you out to decide which food places are the best, or go for foursquare or yelp to help you out. Always read reviews and decide on a place if you are not too sure about it. You get the general features like Chinese dragon and an Italian restaurant in almost any country you visit, so you can always study how the same dishes vary on different countries as well.

Enlist for the frequent flyer programs

If you plan on flying to designations then you should sign up for a frequent flyer program that will also allow you to get free flights here and then. Be sure to always check in using this program and also use it for every single flight. You do not need to be a frequent flyer, just even an occasional flyer is good enough. When it comes to food and accommodation, being budget friendly is ok but not too much. In the cases of going to foreign countries, make sure to book accommodation beforehand at least for the first few days so that you do not end up having to sleep on the streets. Keep in mind that during tourists season’s, most countries end up having their lodgings booked. For booking about Italian restaurant Bangkok, visit